How to do two-strand twist- Protective style

Two-strand twists are easy to make, beautiful protective styles that are very popular in the world. They might aid in retaining moisture. Whereas flat twists look good on a variety of hair types, two-strand twists look better on hair that is entirely natural because the ends typically remain together without the use of bands or hair clips. Additionally, twists may be paired with other hairstyles like braids and afros. In this article, Anvihair will share with you how to make two-strand twists naturally and simple for beginners.

1. What are two-strand twists?

A flexible hairstyle that looks good on both short and long hair is the two-strand twist. The basic two-strand twists may serve as the foundation for a wide variety of variants, allowing each hairstylist to create a unique appearance. Since it may be adorned with ribbons or beads, this simple hairstyle is especially beneficial for kids.

Twists also known as two-strand twists are a type of hairstyle that is made by twisting two sections of hair around one another till the ends. Hair can be divided into big or tiny sections.

2. Why is the two-strand twist popular in many countries?

The natural hair community prefers two-strand twists because they are simple to put in and take down. 

You just need two- strands of your hair, wrapped around one another. Children also could accomplish these haircuts since they are so simple. Additionally, two-strand twists do not require a lot of tools, extra equipment, or hair extensions.

If you decide to twist on damp hair, all you need are your fingers and a twisting cream. Because you don’t have to tug on your scalp like with other hairstyles, including cornrows, they are also tension-free.

Additionally, these twist hairstyles aid in moisture retention, breakage reduction, growth promotion, and shrinking prevention.

Since these styles may last a week or a month, two-strand twists are ideal for any women or children on the go.

3. How to do strand twists?

Before getting ready for your twists

Choose the style that you want. For fewer twists, separate the hair into broad areas. Alternatively, apply tiny, haphazard twists all over the scalp. There are various styles to do twists, you should select the most comfortable one to make you confident.

Beside that, your hair should be washed and cleaned. Shampoo and condition your hair carefully to make it smooth and strong. It’s important to remember to keep your hair slightly moist after wiping away extra water. Avoid rubbing your hair; instead, just wipe and squeeze the excess water out of it with a cotton cloth.

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair. You can use detangling spray for a smoother comb through. Remember to start by combing your hair’s ends. Slide up from the top to bottom until all the tangles are gone. 

Part the hair horizontally from ear to ear with a rat-tail comb. Use hair clips on each portion to keep the top and bottom sections apart from one another. Make small equal parts from the top and bottom. You will utilize these areas to create your twists. The number of sections depends on your preference. Each portion of the hair runs from the bottom of your head up to the previous horizontal part to produce three pieces. To ensure each separate section is in place, clip it.

Doing twist your hair

Step 1. Remove the clip from the first of small sections of hair. Using the wide-tooth comb to remove tangles again

Step 2. Applying hair lotion and curling cream or gel to make the hair follicles sticky and locked in the style. Use your hands to rub the product onto the loose hair part that is twisted. 

Step 3. Arrange and divide the loose portion. To keep your hair in place and divide it into two fresh portions, use an elastic rubber band if you want. Verify that two distinct portions are equal. 

Step 4. Twist the two fresh hair sections together. Cross left over right until the end of the section. Spray hair gel to secure the twist and let the ends curl toward one another. Then you continue doing similar to other portions.

If you want to own a longer-lasting, fuller or different style better than usual, you can add more colored extensions. That is your choice to have a different look of your hair.

4. Decorating and taking care of the twists

You may add beads, bows, ribbon, or elastics with balls to your twists as decorations. The base or ends of the twists might both get the decorations. As an alternative, you can get hair beads that clip into your hair and are designed for certain hairstyles like the two strand twist. By slipping beads over the ends of the twists and raising them enough, they will adhere to the twists.

There are a huge number of different ways to decorate your twists, you can be creative to make your hair beautiful and comfortable with you.

The important thing to note is that when sleeping, you should wear a satin scarf or silk pillowcase to try to help protect your twists at night. 

Satin scarf for twists
Silk pillowcase

Despite being an uncomplicated haircut to make, not everyone succeeds the first time. You might need to practice more, paying close attention to the size of each portion you twist; if you make sure each section is even, your results will be more consistent. To determine which items are best for you, you need to experiment in your hair.

That is all about helpful information for you on how to make two-strand twists. Anvihair hopes that this article will be the good facts you are looking for. Wish you have the beautiful and shining hair twist you expect!


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