Nowadays there are many women who prefer to use hair extensions because of their beauty that they bring for them. In all kinds of hair extensions, they tend to purchase more bone straight hair as it’s smooth and nice. However, it may be hard for the first users, Anvihair will share with you how to take care of bone straight hair. 

1. What is bone straight hair?

Bone straight hair is a kind of straight hair that is thin, smooth, and sparse. The strands of this hair are thick and tightly knotted from the weft to the ends.

Bone straight hair does not require styling and cannot be curled. Because of the straightness of the hair, it is called bone straight. It does not require the use of bending rollers, tonging machines, or hair curlers. Bone straight hair makes you look more attractive and dynamic to impress everyone for the first time. 

Not only bone straight hair but also any kinds of hair extensions need to be taken care of properly to keep using for a long time. Keep going on reading, Anvihair will show you how to maintain it in the next part.

2. Feature of bone straight hair

Before discovering how to preserve bone straight hair, you must first grasp the characteristics of this hair in order to properly care for it. The characteristics listed below are the most noticeable aspects of this essential hair.

  • Bone straight hair is smooth and flat from top to bottom. Every woman desires straight and silky hair, this appearance will help you attract others. Because the hair strands are straightened, they are soft, smooth and no tangle. This hairstyle is ideal for women who are lazy and don’t have much time to care. You will spend less time brushing and straightening your hair
  • Hair with bone straight cannot be restyled. This type of hair has been heat straightened to maintain structure, therefore styling may be difficult. Although this renders bone straight hair irreversible, the hair has an extraordinarily lengthy lifetime of up to two years.
  • The price of bone straight hair is very affordable. With bone straight hair is human hair, some people consider its price high. However, it is well worth the money to invest because of their quality and longevity of bone straight hair. 

3. How to maintain bone straight hair proper

  • Using mild shampoo and conditioner

The most important thing you should take note of is to use alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. All the alcohol and dry products will make your hair shed and tangle. Using natural products to provide moisture that make your appearance more bouncy and youthful

  • Washing your hair frequently. After you wear the hair for several days, your straight bone will look dry and dirty. You should only wash it 1-2 times per week to remove dirt from hair. However, don’t wash it too much because it can make the hair joints looser, reducing the life of bone straight hair.
  • Avoid heat effect

Because the bone straight hair cannot restyle so you need to limit the heat effect in your hair. For instance, after washing your hair, you should avoid using a hair dryer and instead let your straight hair dry naturally in a cool place. Although this takes some time, it helps to keep the hair moisturized. Styling bone straight hair is also not advised since it might harm your hair.

  • Gently comb the hair: Combing the hair is the quickest way to detangle it. Though it is very simple to brush and comb through bone straight hair, do not comb it harshly as this may loosen the hair and cause hair loss. You should start with the tail and work your way up. Remember to constantly comb your hair bundles downward.

4. Where should you purchase bone straight hair?

In the hair extension market, there are a huge number of suppliers in the world. However, that is not all of trusty vendors to ensure their quality. Yet, Anvihair is the best supplier in Vietnam, providing 100% human hair. You can get satisfied bone straight hair with the high quality, affordable price from vietnamese hair.

In short, that is just some nice hairstyle for you while wearing a face mask. After all, you can put on any hairstyles as long as you are just yourself and feel comfortable when using masks. 

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That is all helpful information for you about instruction how to care proper bone straight hair. Anvihair hopes that this article will be the good facts you are looking for. Wishes you have the beautiful and shining hairstyle you expect!


We are Anvihair – a hair supplier from Vietnam and have had a factory for a long time.  We guarantee to provide 100% Vietnamese human hair and make sure there will be no scams.  

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