Do you know essential wig accessories?

Owning your perfect wigs will make you become more beautiful and confident to do anything you expect. However, there are many things attached with it and you don not know what vital acccessories to use. This article, Anvihair will share with you some useful for your wig!

1. Comb or brush

Wigs are very easy to tangle because of outdoor activities and especially when you do not carefully maintain them.

Before using the comb, use your fingers to loosen and separate any tight knots first. Then you should choose a special comb for wigs, or you can find a wide tooth comb that is also perfect. Start from the bottom of the hair and gently work your way up to the crown, using the comb to carefully remove any tangles.

You should avoid using round brushes, teasing combs or bristle brushes because these will make your wig become a mess and more tangles 

It is noticeable that you never comb your wig immediately when it is wet. 

2. Shampoo and conditioner

Not only real hair but even wigs need to be taken care of carefully. Because in the process of using, going outdoors, under the wind, the wig cannot avoid being dry and tangled. If you continue to use it without taking care of your hair, it won’t take long for the wig to fall out, bad, and extremely unsightly. In addition, dirty wigs can also affect the wearer’s scalp.

There are a huge number of different kinds of shampoo and conditioner to choose from. You should research carefully about these products to avoid damaging the delicate hair fibers or cap.. It is important for you to choose shampoos and conditioners specifically for wigs. It contains many vitamins, cleans and softens hair. Limit tangles and use for a long time.

3. Wig cap liner

A wig cap provides an additional layer of friction to the wig, which makes it easier for it to hold the scalp and is especially useful for women who have lost all of their hair. Depending on your natural hair type and wig, this can vary, but a hat can assist keep your own hair out of sight and hold the wig in place.

To know how to wear this wig cap in detail, you can see the instruction here.

4. Tape, adhesive or clips

These items are quite basic. It depends on the wig or hairpiece you are using and how it is applied to your head. However, you should consider to use toupee and hair piece tape and body adhesive to attach directly, not more generic adhesive products. It can be affected your skin.

5. Wig stand

When you are not using the wig you will need a wig stand to help you keep the hair from tangling and the wig form better. It is unnecessary to have a head form, you can use a collapsible or portable plastic or metal stand to save space and hold your wig in place. These are very convenient and easy to install. High elasticity in use, difficult to break and deform with temperature, compact product and quite cheap price.

6. Wig grip headband

The hairline is hidden by the headband, which gives it a more natural appearance. Instead of utilizing clips or other fasteners, it may be placed over the head and wrapped around the skull using the headband. The wig may be fixed without the use of hair adhesive. By changing the band, you may style your wig anyway you like.

Moreover, headbands are used around the forehead during physical activity to absorb sweat and prevent it from getting into the eyes. Sweatbands are often made of a continuous loop of terrycloth, as it is a particularly absorbent fabric


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