Why should you own a wig?

To cover some hair defects that you are not confident in, such as baldness or you want to change your hairstyle. Wearing a wig is a smart and convenient idea that quickly hides flaws. Wigs are not harmful to health so you can quickly change your hairstyle at home without going to the salon.

A few studies show that in the modern fashion trend, convenient and fast is being favored by girls. Moreover, wigs are not only for women, men can also use them.

Instructions on how to wear a wig

Step 1: Choose the right wig

In this article on how to wear a wig, the most important first step is choosing the right wig. You can choose a hood without a net or a full hood with a net or a bald bang (half head hair). Besides, you should also pay attention to what the material of the hair is. There are three common hair materials used most often are nylon fiber, synthetic fiber and real hair. In terms of price, wigs made from nylon and synthetic fibers are significantly different from wigs made from natural hair. But wigs made from 100% human hair are the best choice because it ensures many factors of quality as well as aesthetics and other capabilities like heat resistance. You can visit Anvihair’s 100% human hair products to know more details. Besides, you need to choose the right wig size for your head size. You can test your head circumference with the appropriate measuring tools. 

Step 2: Cover up your original hair

It is necessary to tuck the hair inward so that it is neat and tight so that it cannot be exposed outside. If your original hair (real hair) is short, this is quite easy. But if it is quite long or thick, this will be a bit more difficult. You can split it in half or divide it into different parts and then twist it around your head and twist it with your fingers. You can also use elastic bands to hold the hair in place. In addition, you must carefully check whether there is any excess hair or not, this is small but makes the hair more perfect.

Step 3: Wear Wig Cap Liners

Wear a wig cap liner underneath your wig every time you wear it. Wig caps made of nylon or mesh are common liners. This little cap is crucial because it keeps your wig tidy and in place. You should choose caps with the same color as your scalp, it will become more natural. You need to gently stretch the hat enough to cover the head tightly and securely. Once all the hairs including the hairs at the back of the neck and near the ears have been neatly tucked into the hat, snap it back. You can fasten with pairs of pins.

Step 4: Put a wig on your head and fix it

You put the wig on your head, keeping your finger in the middle of the wig and the top of the head. Bring the wig over your head and then place it on your scalp, fixing your fingers on your forehead. And gently pull the rest of the hair onto your head. You need to pay attention to some points such as bending your head too low to avoid the case of the hair being skewed. You should edit your hair so that it is close to the hairline and then fix it to be able to freely create hairstyles according to your wishes and preferences. Now you can not only use a quick way to put on a wig, but also get your own favorite hairstyle. With your new hair, you can curl up as you like.

A few notes when using wigs
After using, you should take care and store it carefully so that it can be used for a long time. Also you should wash every 8-10 wears to keep clean.


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