A right wig, beautiful, quality and trendy wig is girls’ preference but the most important thing is that it is comfortable for the user. Therefore, before making a choice of any type of wig, you should carefully check the size of your head whether it is suitable or not. And you should also try wearing wigs for a certain period of time to see if they cause discomfort.

It just takes a few minutes to measure your head, and those few minutes are worthwhile if you want to get a high-quality wig. In this article, Anvihair would like to guide you how to measure the right head size, and how many parameters to know exactly what size your head is.


Preparation before measuring

You do not need to do a lot of preparation to take measurement as you think. To ensure your exactly measurement, you just take care some things above

  • Having a measuring tape
  • If you have long hair, detach it from your face, arrange it upward in a low ponytail, or braid it securely from front to back.
  • While shorter hair is simpler to manage, a wig hat will be necessary. Initially, you should use a product to pull your hair down, and then you should use the wig cap to press it down even more. If you use a wig, be careful to shape it accordingly.

Measuring procedure

To choose the proper wig size, you must have a fundamental understanding of measures. First, ensure that any excessive hair is pulled back, and then carry out the six various procedures listed above.

1. Circumference

2. Front hairline to nape of your neck

3. Ear-to-ear across hairline at forehead

4. Ear-to-ear over the top of your head

5. Temple-to-temple behind back of your head

6. Nape of neck at back hairline

Each of these dimensions will be useful when analyzing a wig sizing chart.

Every dimension displays a separate component of the wig, just like a piece of clothing.

Step 1. Measure head circumference

Pull the tape measure back behind one ear, starting at the middle of your forehead, until it reaches the nape of your neck. Then, pull it over your other ear and around the nape of your neck. Next, you bring the tape measure’s ends together so that they touch in the middle of your forehead’s hairline.

Step 2. Measure front to back

Put the tape measure’s end at your hairline at the middle of your forehead, and then pull it straight over your head’s crown before letting it hang down until it reaches the nape of your neck at the base of your hairline.

Step 3. Measure across forehead

Pull the measuring tape along and across the hairline, starting just above one ear, until it reaches the over ear.

Step 4. Measure over the top

Put the end of measuring tape above one ear and pull tape up and over the top of your head until it reaches the other ear

Step 5. Measure around the back

Put the end of measuring tape at one temple next to your eyebrow and pull it straight back around the side of your head until it reaches the other temple. Make sure that the measuring tape is level and not slipping up or down

Step 6. Measure the nape of your neck

Put measuring tape’s other end behind one ear, level with the base of the earlobe. The tape is then pulled around your hairline or neck until it reaches beneath the other ear.

Find out your perfect size

After finishing 6 steps to measure, you can check which size your head fit following this chart below

Make wig adjustments for better fit

Even if you have measured the exactly size of your head, the wig still doesn’t fit you, don’t worry. Most wigs are designed with straps and elastic bands to adjust the size of the wig to be larger or smaller for a perfect fit.

  • Elastic Strap: The wig features two straps, which resemble bra straps. By pulling on the strap, you can add stress to it; by stretching the strap, you can take away strain.
  • Velcro Strap: This one is really simple. Simply pull the strap toward the center to make it tighter or outwards to make it looser, just as with any other velcro-enabled device.
  • Hook Strap: The straps feature hooks and several holes spaced at various intervals. The tighter it is, and the opposite is true to make it looser, the closer you place the hook towards the center.

The range of adjustment is the reason why one size may fit several persons, and over 90% of consumers purchase average-sized wigs. The majority of wigs may be moved roughly an inch in any direction.

There are some methods above for sharing how to identify your head for wig size when choosing a right wig. Hope this article will be helpful for you to make the right shopping decision.


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