It is obvious to affirm that Vietnamese human hair is one of the highest-quality hair and is appreciated by nearly all wholesalers or retailers. Vietnamese hair is always of the greatest quality because only qualified hair will be chosen and meticulously sorted by trained professionals. As a result, Vietnamese human hair extensions have gained renewed interest and are more preferred than ever within the community of hair extension enthusiasts. Therefore, what makes Vietnamese human hair so exceptional? 

1. Vietnamese hair is really thick and smooth

Vietnamese people can be proud of their hair because they have smooth and thick black hair. They have good conditions, so Vietnamese hair is more popular than other countries in the world. With many different hairstyles, straight hair of the Vietnamese is the most durable and strong hairstyle. When holding it in your hand you can feel its thickness and fullness. Although it looks thick on the outside, Vietnamese hair is not dry and it is extremely straight and smooth.

However, nowadays there are many hairstyles that make women more attractive and beautiful, Vietnamese people also create curly or natural hair styles that suit their appearance.

2. Natural color

Vietnamese hair has a natural black color, so it can blend in with women’s colors in other countries. You can dye it natural black any color you want: red, orange, pink, yellow, gray, brown, etc. As long as you have a need for color, Anvihair is always ready to provide you with the type of hair color you like quickly and easily.

Hair color chart

3. Bring natural beauty

With 100% human hair material, the hair has a natural beauty. The hair is soft, shiny and extremely comfortable, not greasy like other materials. Beside that, the wig is designed to be able to adjust the size to match the head shape.

Moreover, even if you are using a wig, you can still attach some accessories you like, this still makes the hair very natural and comfortable the same as your real hair.

4. Vietnamese human hair is easy to maintain

In addition, wigs made from real hair have the great advantage of being easy to clean, wash, and have an average lifespan of 3-4 years.

To care and maintain hair strength is also quite simple and used for a long period of time if you know properly, you can see our instructions here. In addition, you can also invest in a wig if you have good finances to ensure it can be used for a long time.

5. Easy to style

Because it’s made from real hair, you can easily style it when using it. These hair models allow users to use heat tools such as straighteners and curlers. The hair is also very durable and can be styled comfortably to transform their straight hair into curly, wavy, loose wavy, etc.


We are Anvihair- a hair supplier from Vietnam and have had a factory for a long time.  We guarantee to provide 100% Vietnamese human hair and make sure there will be no scams.  

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